Maple Syrup

gallon of maple syrup

Gallon of Pure Maple Syrup

Grade of Maple Syrup

half gallon of maple syrup

Half Gallon of Pure Maple Syrup

Grade of Maple Syrup

quart of maple syrup

Quart of Pure Maple Syrup

Grade of Maple Syrup

pint of maple syrup

Pint of Pure Maple Syrup

Grade of Maple Syrup

half pint of maple syrup

Half Pint of Pure Maple Syrup

jugs of maple syrup

3.4 oz Jug of Pure Maple Syrup

maple syrup in a gingerbread man bottle

Gingerbread Man


maple syrup in glass leaves

Glass Maple Leaf


squeeze bottle of maple syrup

Squeeze Bottle

Specialty Products

containers of granulated maple sugar

Granulated Maple Sugar


maple sugar candy

Bagged Maple Sugar


jar of maple cream

Maple Cream


cotton candy tubs

Maple Cotton Candy


single maple rice crispy treat

Maple Rice Crispy Treats


bag of maple popcorn

Maple Popcorn


container of maple spice rub

Maple Spice Rub


container of maple hot sauce

Maple Hot Sauce


container of maple bbq sauce

Maple BBQ Sauce


bag of maple drops

Maple Drops


bottles of asarasi water

4-Pack of Asarasi Water


bottles of asarasi water
Bottle of Asarasi Water


Maple Peanut BrittleMaple Peanut Brittle


Sweet Maple Mustard Squeeze Bottle

Sweet Maple Mustard


Hot Maple Mustard Squeeze Bottle

Hot Maple Mustard


Gift Baskets

Small Gift Cup

Small Gift Cup

Includes: a 50 ml syrup and maple sugar leaves

Simple and Sweet Basket

Simple & Sweet

Includes: a maple sugar medallion, a maple peanut brittle, and a maple granulated sugar

Just the Basics Basket

Just the Basics

Includes: a 250 maple leaf syrup, maple sugar leaves, and a maple lollipop

Mountain Winds Farm Favorites Basket

Mountain Winds Farm Favorites

Includes: maple tea, two maple lollipops, maple pecans, maple sugar leaves, maple peanut brittle, and a 100ml maple leaf syrup

Sauces Basket

Sauces Basket

Includes: maple hot sauce, maple sweet mustard, maple bbq sauce, maple balsamic, and "sis's maple rub"